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Klango Player is a multimedia player and open media community program
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The Klango Player 2.0 is a multimedia player and open media community software program and platform for developing software solutions with the emphasis on users who prefer audio/aural programs rather than visual.

Users of this program create accounts in the set up menus of the Klango Player 2.0 and this provides them with access to the Klango Open Media catalogue, which contains thousands of audio sources available to users, and to a community center where they can chat with others and join in the discussions. The Klango Player 2.0 combines aural interaction, sound, speech synthesis, media and Internet with soicial functions.

Those who have to listen to computer programs do not need a monitor or screen reading software to use this program although sighted users can use it too. In order to use Klango Player 2.0 users must have a speech synthesizer otherwise aural interaction will be limited. The player supports SAPI 5 and SAPI4 compliant synthesizers. With the Klango Player 2.0, users can play and record radio stations, audio books, and podcasts. They can also download many add-on Klango Programs from the player itself giving them access to educational and entertaining software. Multiple Klango programs can be running simultaneously. Visually, the program features its own GUI and the interface presents a full screen application using transparent panels and colorful backgrounds. The interface features 3 modes, full, workspace, and logo, which frees up computer space. Users, sighted or not, operate and navigate with keyboard controls. All playable files can be converted to the mp3 format or saved to a mobile device, and the program uses media streaming.

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  • An asset to the visually impaired


  • SAPI4 users will have limited functuality
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